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Food Truck in Sydney

Food trucks are a great option for catering because they are completely mobile and can go anywhere. That makes them especially ideal for outdoor events such as music festivals, school carnivals, and construction sites. For your food truck in Sydney, Sydney Food Vans has a wide range of options to accommodate the taste and size of any event.

Sydney Food Vans is your food truck in Sydney known for their professional mobile catering service that caters to all sorts of events. For larger events that require full meals, they have multiple sizes of Hot Food and Coffee trucks that offer a variety of delicious choices, including crispy chicken burgers and wraps, hot chips, hot dogs, barbeque sausage, and crispy chicken and egg burgers, among many others. If you’re hosting a smaller event that only requires breakfast, they also have Coffee, Pancake and Churro vans available. No matter which you choose, each food truck is custom built, professionally designed to be functional while also being visually appealing with unique and modern graphics that will impress all of your guests.

Sydney food vans have catered a wide variety of events, specialising particularly in construction site catering. All of their trucks are completely compliant with all of the requirements that fall under product and public liability insurance, workers compensation, food handling certificate, and safe work method statement. So you know that even though they’re quick and convenient, they’re completely legitimate and provide quality food and beverages that are both safe and delicious. No matter what type of catering you need for your event, Sydney Food Vans is an excellent option for your food truck in Sydney.

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