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Food Vans on Campus

Food Vans on Campus for TAFE or University students and teachers alike can provide a healthy range of foods at very economical prices.  Most higher education institutions continually work on ways to improve students’ experience right throughout their time at university, and that a bit of extra convenience at exam time might be useful.

We all know exam time can be tough and demanding, so a bit of variety in the food on offer – and having Food Vans on Campus available outside normal business hours, close to where study is done – might make things a little easier for all hard-working students.

Some Universities  hired bean bags and deck chairs so students have somewhere to sit and eat, and to chill out away from their study space. Why not consider Food Vans on Campus operating on different days and clustering in different hot spots. Sydney Food Vans could mix up designated locations each week, have the campus send it out via social media so students know where each truck is going to be.

The dietary make-up of food on offer by the Food Vans on Campus was carefully considered – and deep-fried artery-cloggers were definitely out.  The preferred healthy options offers better alternatives such as a gluten-free option, but easy-access student meals at an affordable price point is also a requirement. Students are not on CEO salaries.
Setting up mobile catering service for a special event is simple.

To learn more about the options that are available, you can contact Sydney Food Vans on 0417 855 525.

food vans on campus

Food Vans on Campus

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