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Food Van in Sydney

Hosting an event is a challenging and time-consuming commitment. There are so many things to think about and plan: location, entertainment, vendors, catering, and much, much more. Catering can be especially difficult if your event is outside, as there’s really no good place to prepare food. Luckily, there’s Sydney Food Vans, a fully mobile catering service that can provide your event with a food van in Sydney.

Sydney Food Vans have catered a wide variety of events, large and small. They offer a range of vans that come in different sizes and carry different food offerings, so they can easily accommodate any need you might have. As long as you’re within a 200KM range of Sydney, they will come to you with one of their fully equipped and professionally designed vans. Each van is customised with unique and modern graphics, so they’re not only functional, but also look amazing. Plus, each van is 100% compliant with all safety regulations and work requirements, so you know your food is both quality and safe.

If you’re hosting a large-scale event, Sydney Food Vans’ Mega Hot Food and Coffee Van is the perfect option for your food van in Sydney. Their Hot Food and Coffee Vans come in three sizes and offer an extensive range of hot food choices and coffee rolled into one convenient van. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, their Coffee, Pancake, and Churro Vans are perfect for breakfast events. Or, if you just need snacks, you can opt for their Hot Dog and Ice Cream Van. No matter what you need, Sydney Food Vans has got your food van in Sydney covered.