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Taking Advantage of the Benefits Provided by Sydney Food Trucks

If you’re in a place where good food is hard to come by, you could always bring the food to you! Hiring Sydney Food Vans is a great idea for any big event, and we’re incredibly popular at construction job sites, too. We have a big fleet of Sydney food trucks with a variety of menu items, including coffee and ice cream, so you have plenty of options when it comes to what you’d like to eat. Our prices are affordable, and our trucks feature big, attractive graphics, so we’re always a big hit no matter where we set up shop.

What Type of Events do Our Sydney Food Trucks Cater?

We’ve been a big part of many events all around Sydney, including Back to Redfern Day, Sydney City New Years Eve, Australia Day Liverpool/Parramatta, Bowral Day on the Green, Women’s Ashes Cricket Series, Sydney City Festival, Picton Rodeo, Holden Car Show, Museum of Fire, Penrith Working Truck show, Castle Hill Show, and many more. We’ve also worked small events such as weddings and birthday parties. As previously mentioned, we also frequently visit construction sites to provide workers their coffee in the morning and a hot or cold meal at lunchtime.

Working with Us

No matter how big your crowd is, you can count on us to keep them happy with our varied menu. We truly have something for everyone, and we’re excited to show you just how fantastic our food is and how much value we can add to your next event.