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Why a Sydney Food Van is a good choice for professional event catering.

It makes good sense to use Sydney Food Vans (aka John’s Food Express) to provide professional event catering for your next event, why? Because they are mobile, versatile and leave no mess for you to clean up.

Although to be honest mobile food vans have been around for a long time. To be precise they were first used in Texas, to feed hungry cowboys on the long, long cattle drives which used to take place across the USA. The date was 1866, so mobile catering has been on the road for 148 years, definitely a long time.

Sydney Food Vans have been providing food and professional event catering services to the people of Sydney since they had their beginnings in 2005, so we have been on the road for 9 years which is a reasonable amount of time in anyone’s food book.

Sydney Food Vans can provide professional event catering for a wide range of events:

Such is the reliability of Sydney Food Vans that they are able to provide catering for so many events around Sydney. Each van is professionally designed with fully functional and hygienic kitchen areas; each van is unique and provides an individual menu. Having a reliable mobile catering service brings a new dimension to event catering.

Other outstanding factors attached to this mobile catering service, are the professionalism that comes as part of food preparation and the high standard of service each customer experiences from the Sydney Food Vans staff.

Foods available range from hot food such as crispy chicken burgers/wraps ,hot chips, hot dogs, roast beef rolls, Vili’s gourmet pies &sausages rolls, Gozlemes, BBQ sausages, freshly made sandwiches, gourmet wraps, coffee, ice cream, mini pancakes(Poffertjes) – delicious with coffee – ,popcorn and slushies.

These factors underpin the reputation held by the company for food excellence and catering expertise. It is a source of pride for the staff at Sydney food vans that they will make van catering a special event in itself for you and your guests.

If you want a no mess, simple answer to event catering for your next event contract a Sydney Food Van to fill the gap.


If you are passionate about ensuring that your next event is well catered for then Sydney Food Vans will have the answer for you.

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