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Use a Sydney Food Van for Your Next Big Event

If you’re hosting an event where people will be coming and going throughout the day or one where your guests will be in one place for a long time, hiring a Sydney food van will go a long way toward making that event a success. Catering is always one of the biggest expenses when it comes to event planning, but when you hire a food truck, you don’t have to dish out a lot of money or deal with any of the hassle associated with feeding all of your guests. Sydney Food Vans are a locally owned and operated company that brings a wide variety of great food to our clients, no matter where their event is located.

What to Look for in a Sydney Food Van

When it comes to hiring a food van, there are a few things that you should be looking for. The first is convenience – our vans only require two fifteen-amp outlets to run all of our appliances and equipment, making them incredibly easy to set up. The second thing you should be looking for is variety – some people are undeniably picky eaters, and a big menu will help to satisfy even your toughest customers. Our menu includes items such as crispy chicken burgers/wraps, roast beef rolls, Vili’s gourmet pies and sausages rolls, Gozlemes, BBQ sausages, freshly made sandwiches, coffee, popcorn, and Slushies. Lastly, you want to make sure the Sydney food van is clean – all of our vans meet the government requirements and standards for cleanliness and food safety.